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Kerazon Intensive Brazilian Hair BTX Treatment 8oz/236ml

Kerazon Intensive Brazilian Hair BTX Treatment 8oz/236ml


Kerazon Intensive Hair BTX provides deep hydration, nutrition, shine, softness, volume control and hair smoothness with 0% of Formoldehyde!


Manages frizz, providing a natural look and rich in moisturizing and nourishing properties that your hair needs to be healthy. In addition, it reconstructs the structure of hair and replenishes lost mass.


Recommended for straight, fine, curly, wavy, kinky, frizzy and hair in need of hydration and volume reduction. Can be applied on highlighted and colored hair.


    1. Shampoo hair with antiresidue shampoo;

    2. Towel dry 80%. Apply to wet hair;

    3. Section hair and with a coloring brush apply from roots to end in small strands avoiding contact with scalp;

    4. Let the product sit for 30-40 minutes;

    5. Rinse product;

    6. Dry hair 100% with a paddle brush and a blow dryer;

    7. Finish flat ironing 10 to 15x each strand at temperature ranging from 200-230c (390-400F)


    1. Lave el cabello con shampoo de limpieza profunda;

    2. Enjuague completamente y seque el cabello hasta 80%. Aplique el product en el cabello humido;

    3. Divida el cabello en 4 secciones y aplique en cada seccion hasta distribuir de forma uniforme el producto;

    4. Deje el producto trabajar de 30-40 minutos;

    5. Enjuague removiendo el exceso de producto;

    6. Seque 100% con un cepillo y secador;

    7. Planche de 10 a 15x a una temperatura entre 390-400F. Puede estilizar como desee.

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